Nothing Is As Lovely As Fall – by Edith R.Crownbridge


Leaves laid like blankets

Patchwork of colors against steel grey skies

Lovely autumn, the winds that bring winter

The flowers await the blanket of leaves


Like an eager flower opening up for her lover’s  engorged member

Climbing on top and straddling like a wild wet stallion

Pull my hair you untamed Viagra-soaked man beast

Until with the final orgasmic  shudders and

The comfort of pushing my Life Alert necklace

Fibulator, CPR, my heart beats again

Awkward meeting at 4H bingo. I’ll call you. But don’t.

Lovely Autumn.

Edith is a poet and writer for the Sunnyvale Retirement Home Gazette. She recently celebrated her 85th birthday and enjoys visits by her children and grandchildren.