10 Facts About Partial Thread Metric Flange Bolts You Might Not Know!

  1. 23.jpgThese bolts are sometimes called Frame bolts
  2. Hex heads are six sided for use with a wrench
  3. Are Zinc Plated for moderate corrosion resistance
  4. Come in three classes: 8.8 steel yellow, 10.9 steel, and 10.9 steel plain finish
  5. Are quite violent when confronted by full thread metric flange bolts.
  6. They won’t fit a 6.8 hex nut so don’t even try unless you want to look like an idiot
  7. Contrary to popular belief partial thread metric flange bolts are not to be taken nasally. They hurt the sensitive nasal lining. They do however fit quite comfortably in the ear and can be used to block the sound of relatives sharing their feelings or the sound of crying children.
  8. Did you know that ancient Egyptians did not have partial thread metric flange bolts? They put things together with mud or sand that’s why their stuff sucked and broke a lot.
  9. Flange bolts are used to make dents in wood by using a bolt slapping device also known as a ‘Hammer’. Once dented, it is common to throw the dented wood and flange bolt into the trash and repeat.
  10. Flange bolts can be found in nature. Anywhere boric acid naturally mixes ammonium nitrite a flange bolt tree grows. Most flange bolt trees can be found in Brazil where 1,000,000 tons of flange bolt fruits are picked annually.

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