Birds in the Morning – by Edith R.Crownbridge


When the birds sing in the morning
When the sunshine glistens in the dew
When the new day shines with possibility
Don’t speak
Just remove the ball gag and leave
I’ve got water aerobics and jazzercize in a hour
Don’t forget your walker
Yes I’m sure it was bent like that before
Can you hear the birds sing the song
of a brand new day
Seriously get out of my bed and leave


Edith is a poet and writer for the Sunnyvale Retirement Home Gazette. She recently celebrated her 85th birthday and enjoys visits by her children and grandchildren. 

001 – A Haiku by Server 001-B





Server 001-B is a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® server who’s time is spent hosting various blogs and craft sites. It wants to one day learn to dance and be given a soul. It hopes to finally finish the auto-biography of its childhood entitled ‘001010011000’.