Was This Wrong? – I Sold My Dog for Four Grams of Hash


I don’t know. My friends have made me think that maybe what I did wasn’t right. They could have a point, but I think I have some valid reasons too. Here’s what happened. The opportunity appeared for me to score some hash. I might add, some really good hash. I didn’t have any money, but I did have a three-year-old Yorki.

Well I guess the title should say “I sold my girlfriend’s dog for four grams of hash”. But once again I’d like to say that I didn’t have any money and it was really good hash. I know because I had just smoked a little when I told her that Mr. Scrapples was missing, and believe me, I was really stoned.

I was totally into Mario Kart and really stoned when she was searching the house for her dog. I told her he’d probably show up later. You know how dogs are, but she didn’t believe me and spent the night searching for him. She came back at five in the morning crying and asked if she could have a little of the hash she saw me smoking earlier so she could calm down. I told her I had just finished it all off. I actually had some left, but I sold a perfectly good dog for it and didn’t feel like sharing. I don’t think that’s wrong.

Anyway, a couple of days later she found out what I did. She got mad and kicked me out of her house and won’t return my calls. I’m living in my parents garage and now I’m wondering if maybe I did have a lapse in judgment. So my question to the world is – was this wrong? I guess only time will tell.

Written by Dirk Berring

Dirk tackles many of the gray areas of life. He’s not afraid to ask the serious questions and is currently seeking a couch to crash on if anyone knows of a place. His band is called ‘Unholy Shenaningans’ and they are playing at ‘Mutton Bar’ next week.