I’m offended – By Daisy McSqueese


9271355810_5c07432112_mI am offended! I saw a gentleman riding his bike in the road, his buttocks raised and prominently displayed for passerbys and children to see. His buttocks!  Passerbys! Children! Sure some might say that he was struggling to peddle up a steep hill and he was fully clothed in biking attire. I say he was graphically exposing his rear region for some kind of sick thrill.

I stared at it the entire time I was behind him and not once did he try to cover it or stop peddling.  This buttocks-exposing activity must  stop.  My mother taught me that bottoms belong on seats and if there is no seat around then you tucked it in as much as you can in order to give the illusion that you have no bottom. Isn’t that man aware that your bottom is where poo comes from? Poo! How dare you sir! I’m going to write a letter to the city. Bicycling is nothing more than a gateway activity for perverts to expose their buttocks to our children.

Daisy McSqueese is a professional hair care consultant and mother of two wonderful girls. her hobbies include scrap booking, writing letters of complaint and American Girl doll collecting.